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Brian Wilson Fan Mixes - August 2004
By Ronnie

Ahh, this was the one I was really waiting for! Disc 3 of LiFE OF BRiAN, which covers SMiLE in the continuing 5-disc set of the musical/spoken word biography project about Brian Wilson called LiFE OF BriAN.

DISCLAIMER: The following works that we review are in no way "bootlegs" made for profit or sale. Rather they are simple fan mixes meant to be a tribute to the artistry of Brian Wilson.

Disc 3: I Went To Sleep

Disc 3 shows remarkable growth in the audio series by Jerry. Sure, there are the spoken word descriptions by those such as: Van Dyke Parks, Bruce Johnston, Mike Love, Sean Lennon, David Anderle, Marilyn Wilson and of course Brian Wilson. And, with this being one of the most controversial times in Brian's life (the SMiLE period), there is an abundance of recorded interview material to use. Where Jerry's technique has improved, however, is in splicing some of these spoken word segments over some of the music tracks. For instance, the classic story by Van Dyke Parks about the Mike Love confrontation over "Cabinessence" lyrics are craft fully edited over the "crow cries" a capella tag from that song. And the way that Marilyn Wilson's description of Brian's mental problems is put on top of the instrumental "Til I Die" is simply touching. This new technique by Jerry really makes the story flow.

Also, Jerry's mixing prowess really excels on this disc when it comes to original edits. There is his combination of "Old Master Painter", "Cabinessence" and "Surf's Up" that is truly original. The same goes for the reconstructed "Smiley Smile" interview in which wind chimes are added to the interview, setting that "calm before the storm" mood.

Here are the titles of the segments for disc 3, along with the sources used:

1. Beautiful Obscurity: Surf's Up ("Inside Pop" CBS-TV performance)
2. The Modular Aspect: Our Prayer (20/20 version)
3. Ahead Of Our Time: Old Master Painter/Cabinessence/Surf's Up (my own edit--backing tracks)
4. The Innocence Of Childhood: Wonderful (Good Vibrations box version)
5. Fragments: Heroes And Villains Sections (GV box--my own edit)
6. Spur Of The Moment: Vegetables (GV box version)
7. The First Rule Of Ego: H&V Intro (GV box)
8. Real Stoned: I'm In Great Shape/H&V "Swedish Frog" outtake/George Fell Into His French Horn (my own composite)
9. The Smell Of Smoke: Mrs. O'Leary's Cow
10. Negative Vibes: Heroes And Villains (Lei'd In Hawaii rehearsal w/ Mike Love rant)
11. Strange Lyrics: Do You Like Worms (a cappella "wahalaloolei" tag)/Cabinessence (a cappella "crow cries" tag)
12. Unfinished Symphony: You Were My Sunshine
13. No Grand Slam: With Me Tonight (reconstructed Smiley Smile interview), Wind Chimes (Smiley Smile version)
14. Keeping Busy: Busy Doin' Nothin'
15. In Bed: I Went To Sleep
16. Shattered: A Day In The Life Of A Tree
17. A Cork On The Ocean: 'Til I Die (alternate version)

Ending the disc with "Til I Die" is a brilliant move, ending the SMiLE saga with a haunting theme.

Jerry has done it again, given us a great "appetizer" for SMiLE in a marvelous year full of SMiLE surprises. LiFE OF BRiAN Disc 3 weaves the perfect audio storybook of the SMiLE saga within the confines of a single CD!

I can't wait to hear the next disc!

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